Past Exhibitions

Sarah Cain, Ray Bans with Slits, 2010, Unknown dimensions, Courtesy the Artist

Bloom Projects: Sarah Cain, Santa Barbara

Los Angeles-based artist Sarah Cain takes painting outside of its traditional canon by using man-made and natural materials to create a tension between abstract, geometric…

Penelope Gottlieb, Antignon Leptopus, 2010, Acrylic and ink over Audubon print, 14 x 12 in.

Eating Apples in Paradise

Macduff Everton, Elizabeth Folk, Nancy Gifford, Penelope Gottlieb, Saul Gray-Hildenbrand, Kimberly Hahn, Cyndee Howard, Hank Pitcher, Warren Schultheis, Steven Soria, Jonny Troyna, and James Van…