Through What Agency?

Through What Agency?
On view from May 8 - July 17, 2022

MCASB is delighted to present Through What Agency? featuring artwork by The Harrisons, Jacob Kirkegaard, and Social Print Lab (SPL), as well as the Community Classroom. The Community Classroom will host a rotation of projects from MCASB’s Teen Arts Collective, Emerging Leaders in the Arts, and the broader Santa Barbara community. Click here to see what's currently on view in the Community Classroom. Over the course of four months, MCASB will turn its galleries into an evolving community-driven space dedicated to exploring how individuals, organizations, and businesses in Santa Barbara County -- and beyond -- address issues related to climate change, and climate justice.  Through What Agency? is curated by Alexandra Terry, Chief Curator, MCASB.


This exhibition represents one of MCASB's contributions to Impact: Climate Change and the Urgency of Now, the inaugural project of the Environmental Alliance of Santa Barbara County Museums. Formed in 2020, the Alliance is a collective of 12 museums, a zoo, and a botanic garden across Santa Barbara county that seeks to combine their impact to raise awareness about environmental issues through focused exhibitions, media campaigns, and educational programming. Through each of the Alliance members’ unique exhibits and program offerings, this innovative collaborative will bring a range of disciplinary approaches to education and engagement around the chosen theme, enabling visitors to deepen their understanding – through art, history, science, interactions with animals, and in botanic garden settings.

The Alliance’s inaugural project—Impact: Climate Change and the Urgency of Now (April-September 2022)—invites visitors to all participating institutions to delve deeper into the complex and vexing challenge that is climate change. Read more about the Environmental Alliance of Santa Barbara County Museums here >>>



Generous support for Through What Agency? provided by MCASB Board of Trustees, MCASB Visionaries, Paseo Nuevo.

This project was made possible thanks to Anabella Acevedo, Barba Property Management, Alex Blair, Eric Chirnside, Alexandra Cole, Danish Arts Foundation, Sarah Dildine, Emily Engel, Nathan Hayden, Sarah Klein, Laura Macker Johnston, Davin Mantell, Izzy Mondragon, Giuliana Mottin-Mitchum, Manuela Pelaez Bassan, Debby Peterson, PIP Printing, Pecos Pryor, Christian Ramirez, Maria Rendón, Crosby Slaught.

  • May 8, 2022 - July 17, 2022


The main galleries of the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara

653 Paseo Nuevo
Santa Barbara CA, 93101

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