Spenser Jaimes: Connected By Water

Spenser Jaimes: Connected By Water
On view January 22 - April 2, 2023

Spenser Jaimes is Šmuwič and Island Chumash. His family are from the villages of Syxutun, better known as Santa Barbara and Swaxīl on Limuw, also known as Scorpions ranch, Santa Cruz Island. He is a Tomol paddler and caretaker of the, Xax Alolkoy and Ele'y'wun, reviving an ancient maritime culture that was put to sleep for hundreds of years. He uses documentary style filmmaking giving light to untold stories of his tribe. Working at Sacred Places Institute for Indigenous Peoples Media team as a Production assistant. He also works as an Indigenous Youth Environmental Justice (IYEJ) Program associate.

Support the Tomols of Syuxtun fundraiser today and help the group purchase everything from life vests to radios to navigational tools. Read more about the project in the Santa Barbara Independent.

Image: Krista Armenta-Belen, Tommy Gomez, Spenser Jaimes, Jack Castillo, and David Jaimes bring the tomol in for a celebration of songs and prayers with family and friends waiting along the shore. Credit: Avery Barthel

  • January 22, 2023 - April 2, 2023


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