Earth Day Mural 2021

Launched in 2021 the Earth Day Mural project brought together local community organizations and arts institutions including the Arts Fund, Community Environmental Council (CEC), Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara (MCASB), Santa Barbara BCycle, and Paseo Nuevo in support of a community mural responding to Earth Day.

Artists Adriana Arriaga and Claudia Borfiga were selected from the online Call For Entries to paint the 2021 Earth Day Mural. The Call For Entries prompted Santa Barbara County artists to respond to the 2021 Earth Day Festival theme: Climate Leadership. The mural by Arriaga and Borfiga, entitled Nurture our Mother, is a celebration of the power of the Earth and the many magical things within it that play vital roles in our ecosystem.

A committee, comprised of members from each program partner, in addition to Community Representatives Maria Rendón and Arturo Heredia Soto, selected Nurture our Mother to appear on the Paseo Nuevo Arts Terrace Parking Deck, on the exterior wall of the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara. Chosen from over 27 submissions the artist duo painted their mural on Monday, April 19, with the help of community volunteers. The final mural was revealed on the last day of the virtual Earth Day Festival, April 24, and is now available to view.

Nurture Our Mother, mural by Adriana Arriaga and Claudia Borfiga


About the Mural
The mural, Nurture our Mother, is a celebration of the power of the Earth and the many magical things within it that play vital roles in our ecosystem. As individuals, we must recognize that every living thing has an important role in our community; and in order to build a strong relationship with one another, we must see ourselves in each other, pass down knowledge, and imagine what a better future can look like so we can create it for the next generation. But we cannot do it alone, climate leaders, in business, youth and community, will be integral to the survival of our planet, and we hope our mural will inspire people to become the leaders they can be.


About the Artists
Adriana Arriaga, who goes by the alias adriana la artista, is a Xicana designer from the 805 that creates bold, provocative, and impactful illustrations. Arriaga’s work reflects her culture, community, and personal experiences. She describes herself as a Contemporary Xicana Designer, where she combines practices from the Chicano Movement of the 60’s with present-day applications to create and share her work. Her work consists of large-scale illustrations made up of copy paper and wheat paste. She received a B.A. in Art/Design Studies and a Minor in Chicano Studies from San Jose State University in 2017. She then received her Master of Fine Arts at the University of California, Davis in Design in 2019. Arriaga has been featured in more than 20 exhibitions, has hosted workshops and art pop-ups, and was featured on the cover of the Santa Barbara Independent in September 2020.


Claudia Borfiga is a British visual artist, currently based in California, primarily working with screen printing. She’s compelled to communicate and amplify the sensations she feels when exploring the wonders of the natural world. As a teaching artist, Claudia uses her screenprint workshops as a wide-ranging platform to foster community and for the simple joy of getting other people's hands messy. In Spring 2018, she initiated a group called Print Power to host grant-funded workshops as a means to explore trauma. Often inspired by plants and natural structures that make up unique environments; she simplifies their complexities to shape, pattern, and color. In celebrating the treasures found in natural environments, she hopes we are able to foster a deeper appreciation for them. Most recently, her work was exhibited at Sullivan Goss, in a three-women show called ‘Pattern Recognition’.


About the 2021 Earth Day Mural Partners

The Arts Fund
The mission of The Arts Fund is to create, fund and administer programs and projects that foster the arts for the people of Santa Barbara County; to act as a catalyst which maximizes the effectiveness of arts resources and to nurture collaborative relationships with other arts organizations.

Community Environmental Council (CEC)
Recognized as a 2020 California Nonprofit of the Year and a 2020 City of Santa Barbara Climate Hero, CEC has worked since 1970 to incubate and innovate real life environmental solutions that directly affect the California Central Coast. Our current work advances rapid and equitable solutions to the climate crisis – including ambitious zero carbon goals, drawdown of excess carbon, and protection against the impacts of climate change. Our programs lead to clean vehicles, solar energy, resilient food systems and reduction of single-use plastic. Learn more about why CEC is one of only eight Santa Barbara County nonprofits to have the highest possible ratings on independent watchdogs Charity Navigator and Guidestar at, and find CEC on the web at and on,, and

Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara (MCASB)
MCASB seeks to enrich lives and inspire critical thinking through meaningful engagement with the art and ideas of our time. MCASB provides Santa Barbara and the Central Coast with exhibitions and programming that encourage discovery, cultivate new perspectives, and challenge the way we see and experience the world, ourselves, and each other.

Paseo Nuevo
Owned by Pacific Retail Capital Partners (PRCP), Paseo Nuevo is your outdoor shopping destination in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara. PRCP arts is dedicated to engaging the public through implementing one-of-a-kind, community responsive exhibitions, artist commissions, and educational programs tailored to the personality of each property, elevating each center’s unique design and honoring community through accessible touchpoints and cultural vibrancy.

Santa Barbara BCycle
Located in the heart of Downtown Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara BCycle LLC delivers a best-in-class bike share system for the City of Santa Barbara and is committed to providing an environmentally sustainable transportation alternative for cities.

Thank you to our sponsor, Sherwin Williams, for providing paint for this project

  • April 23, 2021 - April 23, 2031


The main galleries of the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara

653 Paseo Nuevo
Santa Barbara CA, 93101

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