Artist Talk | Hellen Ascoli, Artist as Mediator

Join Hellen Ascoli, artist, performer, and museum educator at Museo Ixchel, Guatemala City as she discusses her work at the intersection of education, craft,  traditional fiber arts, and contemporary ideas.

Hellen Ascoli is a Guatemalan artist, weaver and educator investigating material culture as a way to understand relationships and identity. Her studio practice stems from an emotional and analytical engagement to materials, body and space, which are used to map and understand complex relationships, systems of power and economics. In her education practice Ascoli seeks to create spaces of dialogue and reflexion in art spaces and classrooms by questioning the level of participation and interaction of viewer and student.

Since moving back to Guatemala in 2012 she teaches at Francisco Marroquín University and her projects include designing a mediation program for the 19th and 20th Paiz Biennal. Since 2014 she has been developing the education program for Museo Ixchel of Indigenous Dress, where she currently is Director of Education.

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