Crave: Diana Puntar

Deflowered & Devoured/Stigma & Style
  • Crave: Nathan Hayden and Hannah Vainstein, New Year/Clean Slate, 2013

  • Crave: Maria Rendón, Dia de los Muertos, 2012

Event Date:
Saturday, April 19, 2014
Event Time:
7 pm

Event Category: 

  • Special Events

An innovative and dynamic form of aesthetic hospitality, Crave: Art, Food, & Social Experience comprises a series of artist-orchestrated, themed events in collaboration with local chefs known for their distinctive culinary styles. From still-life paintings of Renaissance feasts to Rirkrit Tiravanija’s contemporary art performances involving Thai cuisine, artist have long used food to explore ideas and encourage engagement. Now more than ever, the politics of how and what we eat are ripe to be examined through the artistic lens.


San Luis Obispo-based artist Diana Puntar presents Crave: Deflowered & Devoured/Stigma & Style, kicking off the 2014 season of this one-night only Crave experience. The evening will include an exotic and sensual five-course meal featuring symbolic aphrodisiacs, such as basil, oysters, figs, and honey. An immersive vibrating installation and a seductive, durational performance of "HONEY" by artists Julie Tolentino and Stosh Fila create a one-of-a-kind art and food event. Puntar is working with local chef Edie Robertson, a leader of Santa Barbara's Slow Food Convivium and veteran of the Food Network series Extreme Chef, to produce the enticing menu (NEWLY RELEASED). This will be a unique evening of resonant cultural experience that is not to be missed.

$240 MCASB Members / $260 Non-members


Wine will be provided by our generous sponsor, Buttonwood Winery.


For tickets, contact Antara Hunter at, call 805.319.7980, or visit our online store here. Space is limited.